Whammy Bar Phrasing

by Piotr Kaczor

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  • Hi GMC and welcome to my new lesson.
    Today we will focus on my favorite subject - phrasing
    I'll try to show how phrase using whammy bar.
    Floyd Rose type tremolo is a very delicate instrument and we should use it with care.
    It something like a playing violin or trombone, when you have only your ears to control the intonation.
    I wrote a simple song which contains several whammy tricks: vibrato, dives, releases.
    So, feel like Steve Vai and make your whammy sing! :)

    I usd mostly A major scale and F#minor pentatonic scale.

    We are going to use:
    -whammy licks: vibrato, dives, releases



    This is the preset I used for the POD XT live for this lesson:

    Amp: MS 2003 Deity Lead Drive 7 - Bass 3 - Middle8 - Treble 7 - Presence 5

    Cab: 4x12 1968 Green 25s

    Rev: Medium Hall - Mix 35%

    Delay: Digital Delay 120bpm (quarter notes)

    Stomp: Vetta Juice

    The lesson is available in the guitar pro 5 file, backing tracks included.

    Have fun practicing!


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