Fernando Sor Op9 Variation 1

by Gerardo Siere

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  • Hello everyone, it's good to be back here again. Today I continue with Fernando Sor Op9 "Variations over a theme from the Magig Flute". This variation is really hard, with this you can improve your slur technique and your damping technique. Make sure you check for right and left hand fingering on the standard notation score. It would be a good idea to actually print the main score for you to practice along.

    Being this a variation of a theme, it should have the same kind of speed and phrasing than the main theme.

    The slur trouble is unavoidable, it's the main articulation of this variation, even some players don't use slurs on the second string, I do. You can use them or not, however the articulation and sound should be very light there as you where actually using slur.

    Damping when needed is absolutely necessary to get the right feel of this piece, please notice that when you play, let's say an open B, then the 6th open string will vibrate simultaneously, so you must damp it.


    Right hand
    i= index
    m= medium
    a= ring
    p= thumb

    Left hand
    1= First finger
    2= Second finger
    3= Third finger
    4= Fourth finger

    Hope you like it!

    Finale 2008 - [var1tab_Page_1cr.jpg

    Finale 2008 - [var1tab_Page_2cr.jpg

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