Guitar Tuning Tutorial

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi GMC, welcome to my new Tuning Tutorial! :) Everybody wants their guitars to be in tune all the time. So regular tuning is always needed. Strings are flexible, and they go out of tune, one way or another. So I have put together several methods on tuning the guitar properly in this tutorial, and I'm hoping to show you a good way how to tune your guitars.

    Over the years, I've learned to tune by using the methods given here. This of course doesn't mean they should be considered a strict rule or anything. Each of us have different guitars, and different preferences on how to tune our guitars best, so simply borrow ideas from this tutorial to give you some ideas yourself.

    We will use a stratocaster type guitar in this tutorial, and although many concepts can be applied to other types of guitars, we will concentrate mainly on that model.

    Well, enough said, let's get busy! You can find other explanations in the spoken video.
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