Harmonic Minor Scale: Nightwish Style

by Luciana Segovia

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  • Hello GMC! Welcome to my new lesson! This one is a lesson in the style of Nightwish with the objective of studying and analyzing the minor harmonic scale. This scale is basically like the minor Aeolian scale but with the 7th major. You’ll hear the "Arabic" quality of this scale when you play that note.

    The minor harmonic scale is very used in Metal and all the sub categories like power, neoclassical, speed, thrash and others. That’s why I decided to record a Power Metal improvisation based on the style of Nightwish.

    As we always do when we study scales, the idea is to learn and incorporate this scale to your mind, your ear, your voice and of course to your guitar.

    In the first video you can find my improvisation, then in the other parts we will learn and practice the scale. Try to sing the scale with me and then use the main video backing to create your own improvisations.

    Don’t forget to post your improvisations in my personal board to let me help you with your singing technique.

    Good luck!


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