Legato Singing Lesson

by Luciana Segovia

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  • Hello GMC! Today we’ll see the Legato in singing.

    Legato means smooth and unbroken: it’s the opposite of staccato, which is short and detached. These opposite styles of performing music are demonstrated by a sustaining instrument, such as the organ, and a percussive one, such a xylophone. The first makes a long, smooth, sustained sound, and the percussive instrument is struck, making disconnect notes which fade away immediately.

    Because vocal music is concerned with the meaning of words, and not only with sounds, we have to sing phrases of words, not individual words, phases of sounds, not individual notes.

    If you can sing a steady, sustained, expansive line of sound, it’s marvellous to listen to and to sing! This technique is very often used in song endings.

    So, here we have a demonstration of legato in different notes. And then, we have two exercises for practice this technique.
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