Mixolydian Mode Singing Lesson

by Luciana Segovia

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  • Hi GMC! Today will see an exercise using the mixolydian mode.

    The mixolydian mode is very used combined with dominant arpeggios and pentatonic minor scale in Blues.
    You can see this mode as a major scale with the seventh minor or flat. In that note you’ll hear the colour or quality of this mode’s sound.

    The idea of this lesson is to learn this mode and to incorporate the sound in our mind. Remember the things that I suggested to do in the previous Singing lessons how to learn a new scale.

    In the main video I recorded a melody created with this mode to show you how it sounds. Then we’ll learn the complete scale using some guitar patterns.

    I hope all this lessons helps for composing different things. As always you have to try to lean this lesson using your guitar. And one important thing, I am inviting you to record something with this mode and post it in my personal board-

    Good luck!


    G mixo copiar.jpg
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