Nirvana Style Singing Lesson

by Nemanja Filipovic

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  • Hi GMC, this is my Nirvana in style lesson, I have really enjoyed working on this lesson, because I love this band.

    This is a classical Nirvana song type, with verse, bridge and chorus. We will do them more truly through the lesson parts. I sang the lesson in my own voice, but I tried to capture the Nirvana vibe.
    Hope you like it.

    Have fun.

    Key: E minor

    Tempo: 120 bpm


    Truth, no more lies
    be advise, don't deny.


    Something so, it's
    all right.
    All you need is machine
    to know it all..


    You have some calls on telephone.
    You have some calls on telephone.

    E minor.jpg
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