Walking Bass Concept 2

by Bogdan Radovic

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  • Hello GMC!

    -Today we are going to expand our walking bass ideas we learned in a previous lesson! This time we are going to use another interval for improvising bass line.

    -This is still a "2 Feel Walking Line" , this time we are going to utilize ROOTS & Thirds concept to improvise a walking bass line to a progression.You will develop a steady time feel and ideas to be able to improvise a walking line to all common progressions out there!

    -This lesson is in a key of C.Take a look into my "Harmonizing Major Scale" series to learn how to construct chords in one key using only notes from that scale.

    -Key: C
    -Tempo: 120 bpm
    -Time signature: 4/4
    -Tuning: standard
    -Difficulty: beginner

    Equipment I used for getting this sound was: Peavey Cirrus bass with active soapbar pickups, equal mix of both of them with added treble and middle on onboard eq - then going to the nemesis (eden) amp with a 1x15" and slightly added bass and treble there (at 1 o'clock position).

    Feel free to ask me any questions in the lesson feedback and in my instructor board at forum.

    Enjoy and I hope you'll have a lot of fun walking through this one!

    C major copy.png

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