One-on-One Country Tricks Lesson

Time for some wild Country/Bluegrass style guitar - hopefully this will get you closer to masters such as Albert Lee and Greg Koch etc.

I want to make something clear right away - I am no country guitarist (in case you hadn't noticed ), that's why I thought this lesson would be useful....

...if you are like me, a rock based guitarist who have always been curious about other styles - then you have probably also thrown a glance at country style. It took me ages to realise country guitar isn't that much different to rock - as opposed to jazz which is a whole other animal.

What you need to understand to get this little magical country trick down - is the pentatonic box. To get the country sound, make sure to alternate between the "forbidden" and the "allowed" notes. Also, notice that I frequently change direction in the examples provided.


Am pentatonic two boxes - learn the first one (starting on fifth fret) especially well.

Also note that we are playing an A minor pentatonic scale over A major type backing (see provided backing track). Mixing minor and major is a part of the country sound.

If you experience problems using the 4 + 2 rule to come up with your own patterns - think of the guitar as a chess board. Try to find new directions and moves you can do - it doesn't matter if half of the patterns you come up with sound horrible. The idea is to be as creative as possible, and I promise it will be worth the effort if you can just come up withjust one unique pattern that works for you - as this will be a catalyst for you to start improvising around - the country way!

Good luck

Backing track

Full tab

PS Don't tell anyone about my 4 + 2 country trick - I believe I am the inventor of it...


     Lesson Questions, Feedback & Comments

post 7th January 2007


neat lesson!
I didn't see many people practise this lesson but its great, especially the beginning sounds great.
didn't sound that great when i played it so could you post the tabs?
thank you
Kristofer Dahl
post 7th January 2007


moorkop: I know - I love this kind of stuff. It's easy to do and really effective. biggrin.gif

Regarding the tabs - they are right there!
post 25th January 2007


great lesson kris, i've been looking for a way to add a country flair to my improvisions
post 10th April 2007


just learned this one i just realized how much country can add to ones style keep up the good work, how about a more advance country lesson?
Kristofer Dahl
post 10th April 2007


Carlos Carrillo
post 7th May 2008


great lesson Kris!!!
Les Paul
post 4th March 2009


That's pretty cool lesson. I love it when rock groups throw in some country flavours to add some colours.
post 20th August 2009


Cool one!

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