One-on-One Tapping Lesson 3
- Two Handed Tapping

Tapping lesson 2

In this third 101 tapping lesson - we start to get into truly advanced stuff.

This specific kind of pattern is something I personally have had great use of - I have probably used it a little more than I should have!

The technique enables extremely fast playing - in fact the speeds possible easily exceed what would be possible to do with picking/legato. The two-handed approach sure is something for speedmonsters.

As always with tapping - the level of difficulty isn't that high. (Doing these kind of things with any other technique would require years and years of practice).

Backing track Tapping Lesson 3 backing (120 bpm)

Backing track Tapping Lesson 3 backing

TabFull tab


Create beautiful speed build-ups

As a contrast to all the speed talk - we are going to have a look at how we can incorporate this stuff into a solo.

By throwing in a short - but explosive - two handed speed burst, we can create great tension around the melody we are playing.

The trick, in order to avoid tasteless speed playing, is to not play very long passages. And always land on a strong note/melody.

Tapping lesson part 2

If these kind of things are new to you - you are not very likely to nail the licks to the backing right away - it can take quite a while!

However, I enjoy soloing over this backing a lot, and you can do whatever you like over it. For instance, use the provided scales and just jam over it (= play the notes randomly and act like you know what you are doing).

If you master any of the previous tapping lessons - then try including those licks over this backing.

Keep tapping ,

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E minor pentatonic (Blue dots = root note, E)

E minor pentatonic

E minor pentatonic

If we put the two boxes together you can see where the notes of two-handed patterns come from:

E minor pentatonic


E minor aeolian/minor

E minor/Aeolian

E minor/Aeolian


     Lesson Questions, Feedback & Comments

post 12th January 2007


could you also post the tabs of the scottish sounding tapping you did in the video? That was awesome!
Kristofer Dahl
post 12th January 2007


Actually I don't have the exact tab for that - but you're right that stuff is cool. I am going to do a lesson on it!
jake the snake
post 4th April 2007


these videos always lag, altho it could just be my computer
Kristofer Dahl
post 10th April 2007


The videos are large - so I suggest viewing them on newer computers...
post 22nd June 2007


wen u tap wit ur right hand do u hav to keep ur hand anchored or can u move it around
post 23rd August 2007


I cant see more than half of the video =( any suggestion why it wont download all the way?
post 27th August 2007


yeah no its ok me 2 i think they are just that long...
guess our players cause some problems in dealing with the data or i dont know anyway it doesnt work all the way (tested it on 2 computers)!! biggrin.gif

Carlos Carrillo
post 21st February 2008


Great lesson i want more!
post 30th September 2008


Haha, awesome like always, Kris. Thank you for lesson, scottish sounds rocks for sure biggrin.gif

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