Blues - get that Shuffe 2!

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hey! Today we have a new blues lesson! This one is a dominant 7th blues in A improvisation with triads. The main purpose of this lesson is to learn every position and inversion of the dominant 7th triads. These triads are a great tool to use when you are soloing and also when you are playing a blues rhythm part.

    Theory behind the lesson

    Dominant 7th chords:
    I – III – V - bVII

    Dominant 7th triads:
    You have two possibilities and their inversions.

    1) I – III – bVII
    2) III - V – bVII

    Let’s build A7 chords and triads.

    A7 chord: A – C# – E – G
    A7 triad 1: A - C# - E
    A7 triad 2: C# - E – G

    Well, now you have to do the following homework.

    1. Build D7 and E7 dominant chords and triads.
    2. Find and learn in the guitar all the positions of this triads.
    3. Practice the triads over the backing track.
    4. Learn this lesson and enjoy!

    The backing track is a twelve - bars blues. I recorded extended versions at different tempos to practice this lesson. You can also combine dominant arpeggios with A pentatonic minor in your improvisations over this backing tracks.



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