Chords - key of B

by David OToole

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  • Ascending Key of B

    B _ C#m _ D#m _ E _ F# _ G#m _ A#m7b5 _ B

    B is a key that's not used too often on the guitar for the same reasons we covered before - namely not too many open string chords.

    Here's the re-arranged chord group progression for the vid used here:

    E||--2--| --0--| --2--| --4--| --4--| --6--| --x--|--2--|
    B||--4--| --0--| --2--| --4--| --5--| --7--| --2--|--4--|
    G||--4--| --1--| --3--| --4--| --6--| --8--| --1--|--4--|
    D||--4--| --2--| --4--| --6--| --6--| --8--| --2--|--4--|
    A||--2R-| --2--| --4--| --6--| --4R-| --6R-| --1--|--2R-|
    E||--x--| --0R-| --2R-| --4R-| --x--| --x--| --x--|--x--|

    .... B _ E _ F# _ G#m _ C#m _ D#m _ A#m7b5 _B

    But if you must play in the key (maybe because the vocal needs too) and you aren't too strong on barre chords yet, well we can use our handy capo here and place it on the 2nd fret, and play the chords from the A family. Much easier to play, uses the open strings and the sound will be in the key of B.

    But remember to learn how to play in this key WITHOUT the capo too!

    It's a good key for Reggae with it's many barre chords.

    B Fam.gif
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