Chords - key of D

by David OToole

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    Here's the D Chord Group in Sequence:

    D | Emin | F#min | G | A | Bmin | C#m7b5| D

    And here's the progression used in this lesson vid above. The basic group chords above are rearranged to suit:

    D C#mb7 Bm A G F#m Em D
    Chord Number: 17654321

    Soundwise or this piece I used a Chorus effect from a Zoom GFX-707 and a Boss DD3 Delay. You can use any pickup on your guitar for this one and see which one you like best. I used the Neck/Middle combo and recorded it into the desk with a SansAmp D.I. box.

    I kept noticing that this progression reminded me of a Randy Rhoads/Ozzy tune but I couldn't think which one and it was annoying me :). Then it eventually came to me that it was the song 'Goodbye to Romance' from his excellent first album after the Sabs, 'Blizzard of Ozz'. This song has a similar descending chord/bass vibe going on and a Chorus effect is used too. I was happy to solve the mystery lol.

    Very popular guitar key with useful and often used simple to add D embellishments such as and D sus2 (used in the outro) and Sus4 (covered later).

    Two barre chords (finger 1 replaces the nut and covers a few strings at once) are used in this D group example (the F#m + Bm), and these can sometimes cause problems for beginners. But the key to getting these barres under your fingers is to constantly practise playing them on a daily basis. After a few days or weeks you will manage them no problem and wonder how you ever did without them :). They do take a bit of work and that is pretty much the norm for most players at the early stages.

    Btw these chords CAN be played without a barre, but you lose the low bass note that way. It's well worth your while to learn the barre chord technique if you don't already.

    Check out video 2 if you need a hand with barre chords and how to best learn them.


    D Chord Group in Sequence:

    D | Emin | F#min | G | A | Bmin | C#m7b5| D

    E||--2---| --0--| --2--| --3--| --0--| --2--| --x--|
    B||--3---| --0--| --2--| --0--| --2--| --3--| --5--|
    G||--2---| --0--| --2--| --0--| --2--| --4--| --4--|
    D||--0r--| --2--| --4--| --0--| --2--| --4--| --5--|
    A||--x---| --2--| --4--| --2--| --0r-| --2--| --4--|
    E||--x---| --0r-| -2r--| --3--| --x--| --x--| --x--|


    .....D................... Emin...............F#min





    D Fam.gif

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