Clean Two Handed Tapping

by Fabian Schulz

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  • Hi there!

    I'am Fabian Schulz from Cuxhaven, Germany.

    This is my first lesson and it's about 8-finger-tapping.

    In this lesson I will show you how to create a clean rythm and play a little melody over it at the same time. I think this lesson won't be too hard for you because this are the very basics of this technique [i think ;)]. You don't have to tap two notes at the same time with the right and the left hand, what makes this lesson easier. I've added three drum-backing-tracks with a different speed wich accentuates (backing notes on the basedrum - lead notes on the snare) the notes and will help you to play this.

    At the moment i'm working on this little idea to make a song of it, i hope i can teach it here at GMC in the next time, so stay tuned.

    I hope you like this lesson,

    Fabi :)
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