Drop 2 Chords

by Joe Kataldo

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  • Drop 2 voicings are especially popular among guitarists, because the relatively wide spacing between notes in these voicings usually fits the layout of the guitar better than a simple close position chord or a four note 3/7 voicing.

    Drop 2 Chords

    The Exercise presents 4 main drop 2 chords with inversions: C major 7 C7 Cm7 Cm7/b5.

    Theory Focus

    When a chord is played with all notes as close together as possible, this is referred to as close position. Voicings with wider spaces are considered to be in open position. Drop voicings are formed by taking a close position voicing and dropping one of the notes down an octave. A drop 2 voicing is formed by dropping the second to the top note. Thus, for instance, a C7 chord in root position may be turned into a drop 2 voicing by dropping the G an octave. Drop voicings are normally formed from ordinary seventh chords or sixth chords, and they do not generally contain any extensions or alterations.

    Techniques Focus

    Played fingerstyle or with picks this are everyday guitarist chord shapes, avoid unnecessary pressure to the fretboard and movements.

    Pro Tips

    Video Part one shows how to practice chords and memorize them, moving just one note, to create a different chord. Relates things we already know with new material, help our brain to learn fast. Do it with inversions too.

    See You Next Lesson!

    Joe Kataldo.
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