Harmonized Melodic Minor

by Nick Kellie

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  • Hi folks, here we are with a look at the melodic minor scale "Harmonised". To go about harmonizing a scale, the most common and accessible approach musically is to stack chords in 3rds. In other words, miss out every other note.

    So the G melodic minor scale is:

    G A Bb C D E F#

    To harmonize from G we go G. Skip a note, Bb, skip a note, D, skip a note, F# - this gives us a GmMaj7 chord. That's a Gminor with a major 7 on top. R b3 5 7

    Then we repeat this harmonization process from the 2nd note of our G melodic minor scale. Which is "A".

    So we go A, skip a note, C, Skip a note, E, skip a note, G. This gives us A minor 7.

    Then the same from the 3rd note, and so on.

    I hope you enjoy this lesson and next time we will look at Harmonic minor.


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