Jazz Swing Rhythm Lesson

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hello GMC,it's time for more Jazz! This lesson is about chords are progression. To get that soft sound I used my thumb to slightly brush the strings, you should try it the same way.

    About chords here:
    There are many types involved, from simple 7th chords to much complex, add13,+9 etc. But please, don't be afraid of it, it's actually quite easy to follow, I tabbed all chords for you.

    One thing I would like to mention is that we use our left hand thumb here as well. And we need to do some left hand muting to silent strings we don't play at the moment.

    It's in key of D,tempo 96bpm,Swing feel.

    Try it,I'm here if you need anything! :)

    Muris Varajic

    P.S. In next lessons we're going to play some solos over this backing and rhythm. ;)

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