Open G Tuning Lesson - DGDGBD

by Jerry Arcidiacono

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  • Hello GMC:ers! Welcome to my first open tuning lesson. Just a few words about the open tunings. An open tuning is where the strings are intentionally tuned to achieve a chord with all the open strings played together.

    In this lesson I used the Open G tuning. So, from low to high strings are:


    Obviously, chord shapes are different from the standard tuning. With this open tuning and barre you can play any major chord over the neck. The open G tuning is also used with the bottleneck because it's easy to play these major chords with the slide technique.

    I put some bluesy licks and riffs here and I hope you enjoy the lesson.

    Key: G major
    Time signature: 12/8
    Tempo: 96 bpm
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