Opeth Style Lesson

by Toni Suominen

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  • Hi GMC! Today we have a lesson in the style of the great progressive metal band Opeth. We are going to look at some of the elements they incorporate in their music.

    This lesson helps you use:
    -More trickier riffs
    -The Tritone power chord, which is basically a power chord but with an added flat 5 interval

    Opeth incorporates many styles of music from folk to jazz with metal, and they also have lots of clean and acoustic passages. If you want to hear them, check out some of their cds like Blackwater Park or Still Life.

    Also I added a few drum backings for you to practice this slowly.

    -Tuning: Standard E
    -Tempo: 170bpm

    Hope you have fun with this lesson!

    -Toni Suominen
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