Rock Rhythm with Triads

by Joe Kataldo

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  • Hi Guys, Joe Kataldo here, following the high success of song/lessons Like "Pumping Rock", I decided to make another one, rock rhythms and Triads under the spotlight.

    Rock Rhythms with Triads

    Everything starts with some arpeggiated triads over a D Bass pedal, creating a D Dorian Pad, building slowly up to a strong riffing, that alternate and moves triads from C major parent scale, and a drop sixth D string riffing, that ends with a tight short but effective solo, with some triads in there too.

    Techniques Focus

    Palm muting is key here, to archive a tight sound between triads and sixth string riffing. Check my other lessons Palm Muting Primer & Muted Arpeggios, to a dip inside this technique.

    Theory Focus

    Alternate different triads over a constant bass note is the easiest way to create modal progressions.


    F/D (F triad over D bass note) = D & F A C = Dm7

    C/D = D & C E G = Dm11

    And so on...

    Pro Tips

    Don't use to much distortion with triads, or everything will sound mud, special with digital modelling amp.

    See You Next Lesson!

    Joe Kataldo

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