Thrash Metal Lesson

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hello GMC! Today we have the very awaited "Thrash Metal Lesson"! I created this lesson because many have requested me a more challenged (than the Megadeth style one) Thrash Metal lesson. This one has been inspired mainly by bands like Slayer, Exodus, Pantera and also in the old Metallica’s albums. As these bands are a strong influence for many new bands you’ll find that this lesson is also in the style of Shadows Fall, Trivium, and BFMV.

    In this lesson we’ll work at very fast tempo different riffs that combines "only down-strokes" right hand technique with some fast alternate picking. I recorded a second guitar that harmonizes the guitar that I’m playing in the video in many parts. You’ll have to use Dropped D tuning for this lesson.

    I hope that you enjoy it!


    D phygian copia.jpg

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