Alternate Picking Etude With String...

by Emir Hot

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  • Difficulty: 6
Scrubbing / forward / rewind: arrow right, arrow left keys
Jump to start: Home or `s` , you can also click/tap the lesson part again (the numbers above player)
Go to next part: PageUP or End. ( iOS: swipe right or left over video )
Volume: ArrowUp / ArrowDown keys
Go to any part: Number keys (combinations also possible)
Pause or play: `k` or space key
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  • Hello GMC!

    Here is an interesting alternate picking exercise with many stretches, string skipping and very unusual left hand fingering. There is not much to be said about this lesson apart from two things.

    Here they are:

    1. This is a strict alternate picking exercise with no single sweep. You should maintain constant up/down picking direction, no matter if there is a string skip of 1 or 4 strings.

    2. There are no 2 notes (one after another) played with the same finger. Many parts might look easier if the arpeggio was played with left hand barre fingering but you should play exactly how it's written above each note. Finger numbers for the left hand are included above every note, both in tab and Guitar Pro file.

    This exercise is not made to show different ways of fingering and playing arpeggios. Many parts might look strange but that's the whole point. This is designed to improve your left/right hand coordination and to make your left hand fingers 100% independent of each other. Just pay attention on the left hand numbers above each note and you will get the point. I also left some comments in slow video clips to warn you about each unusual part.

    All arpeggio patterns (pictures) are included in separate video sections.

    Have fun.
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