Blues Saraceno Style Rock Licks

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hi Gmc! In this lesson we will study some great rock licks in the style of Blues Saraceno. I think that he is a great rock/blues guitar player. He recorded some soloist albums and he also has been in Mr Big.
    I find incredible how he could compose amazing solos without playing too difficult stuff. He uses classic rock licks all the time but he makes them sound original.
    Saraceno uses Pentatonic scales, Aeolian and Lydian (like Satriani, his teacher) modes in his composition.
    In this exercise we will use Gm pentatonic minor scale with some chromatic notes that are added as passing notes. You will find this lesson great to practice bending, legato and sweeping.

    I hope you enjoy this lesson!

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