Blues Soloing - Intermediate

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi GMC, welcome to my second-in-the-series blues soloing lesson! This lesson requiers beginner to intermediate level of playing. After doing the first one in the series, this one should be a walk in the park. So if you havn't done the beginner lesson, I suggest you go and check it out, because it has some cool licks suitable for all levels of playing.

    In the last one we focused on some Magic Slim, BBKing, Freddy King style of playing, here we will go to some Hendrix, SRV and Clapton, and try to achieve this type of sound.

    The most important thing, again, is the FEEL for the blues - not the technique. I suggest you examine the videos before you go to the GP tab, to see the way we will accent the strings.

    This lesson contains:

    - use of note triplets in the blues
    - bending
    - vibrato
    - tremolo
    - cool blues licks a`la Hendrix, SRV, Clapton

    Key: B
    Tempo: 130bpm

    Settings: Middle single, Marshall drive channel (low drive settings), SD1 (medium drive settings)

    Have fun!

    Bminor blues scale.jpg

    Bmajor pent.jpg

    B minor pentatonic.jpg

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