Cradle of Filth Style

by Lian Gerbino

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  • Hi there, welcome to another extreme lesson. This time playing in the style of Cradle of Filth (nowadays, one of the most popular extreme bands). This band has a lot of influences into this style, we'll find references from black, gothic and ambient metal. They play fast, heavy and dark, mixing minor chords to create their particular atmospheres. Here, we'll use power chords with extra notes, palm muting and some legato to reach some of their playing.

    Thanks to the many members who requested me for more extreme lessons. So if you are ready, pick up your guitar, drink some blood and start!

    Guitar tune down 1/2 step

    TEMPO: 150 bpm

    Key: Bb minor

    I hope you like this lesson,
    see you soon.
    Lian Gerbino

    Bb minor.jpg
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