D-Mood Lesson

by Pavel Denisjuk

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  • Welcome to the D-mood lesson! In this one we'll cover the key of D-Major and learn some cool licks you can use in this key and also apply to a different key. Techniques which we'll use are Alternate Picking, string skipping and a bit of legato.

    Spending a lot of time practicing scales and linear runs made practice sessions pretty boring so now I spend some time experimenting with new approach, which is not that linear and works across multiple strings so you can build vertical runs and go from low to high strings in only a few notes - and that is the stuff you will learn in this lesson :)

    Don't go for it at full speed right away as the beginning may seem simple but the real problem comes in the second part of the song where we use vertical runs - clean playing is the most important thing about those :)

    Good luck and see you around :)
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