Diminished 7 Workout - Part 1

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hello everyone at GMC, welcome to Diminished 7 Workout - Part 1.

    This part is mainly theory lesson including Dim7 chords and some explanations. So the idea is to have a deeper look into Dim7 chords as we play them a lot I guess. Dim7 is usually at 7th degree of harmonic minor scale.

    Construction goes like this:
    Root - minor 3rd - flat 5th - flat 7th

    You probably noticed that you get the same sounding Dim7 chord when you move the whole grip 3 frets above, and another 3 frets above etc.

    It's probably the same Dim7 in 4 different inversions so the lowest note you play isn't the root all the time. In this lesson we will use the same sounding dim7 chord but in 4 different minor keys,
    just to see the connection and different use of it.

    Tempo is 80bpm and it starts in key of Em.

    Hope you'll like, ask if you need anything.

    Muris Varajic

    F sharp dim 7.jpg

    A dim 7.jpg

    D sharp dim 7.jpg

    B sharp dim 7.jpg

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