Dominant 7th Arpeggio Boxes

by Alejandro Pinero

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  • Hi GMC! Today we continue with the arpeggio series lesson. Now is the turn of the 7th chord. The 7th arpeggio is composing by 4 notes: root, major third, just fifth and minor seventh. This chord derived from the major scale, and is the fifth chord of the major scale. We study the different boxes of the 7th arpeggio. First start in the six string of the guitar in note G, then in the four string in note G too, now in fifth string where the box to the back (to the bass direction of the neck), then in fifth string again, but now the box is to the front and the last one in sixth string where the box is to the back. Now I recommend practicing any box going up chromatically. Start in sixth string and play the arpeggio in order and pay attention to any note, then repeat the same exercise with any box.

    You can practice in different keys too like in the other lessons of the series, is the same process I mean.

    Don’t forget we must remember any box perfectly!

    I hope you like it!

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