Extreme Arpeggios - 8-Finger Tapping...

by Aleksander Sukovic

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  • Hello GMC! Welcome to my first lesson! This is an exercise made for those of you who want to develop tapping skills at a higher level. The whole exercise consists of eight different arpeggios. You may encounter some difficulties, especially with your right hand pinky. I know it may seem as if it's a little too hard, but if you are persistent enough, you can bring it to perfection. My advice is to practice it at a slowest rate possible, until you start to feel comfortable with it.

    The lesson's structure has 8 parts, or 8 arpeggios:

    1. - Am7,
    2. - Dm6,
    3. - Eadd11+,
    4. - Amadd13-,
    5. - C#madd11+,
    6. - Dm7add13,
    7. - Bm7b5(half-diminished),
    8. - Am7add13.

    And, the first octave of every arpeggio has an extra note, so the arpeggios are uncommon, they are combined with scales. Each arpeggio is played twice!

    The note durations are 16th - triplets.

    So, good luck! See ya!




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