Harmonised Harmonic Minor

by Nick Kellie

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  • Hi Guys, here is the follow-up lesson to "melodic minor harmonized". Now we are looking at harmonizing Harmonic minor.

    We will use the exact same concept here, only with different notes (harmonic minor) and therefore our harmonization will yield different chords.

    The curious thing here is that Harmonic minor only has 1 note different (the 6th is flattened) compared to melodic minor. Yet 4 of the chords in our harmonization are different. Why is this?

    In harmonized scales, 1 note has a knock on effect within the harmony and that one note can be used in many of the chords, therefor making it affect them.

    In the case of G harmonic minor, the b6 is the note of Eb. This Eb note is used within 4 of the chords, therefore those 4 chords now get altered harmonically.

    I hope you enjoy this lesson and talk soon!

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