II, V, I Sequence Improvisation

by Alejandro Pinero

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  • Hi GMC! Welcome to this new lesson! Today I bring to you a little solo using the arpeggio by the II, V, I sequence backing track. The progression comes from the 5th circle but at the same time the chords arise to the major scale, the second chord that we found in a major scale is a minor chord, the fifth is a 7th chord and the first chord is major.

    In this solo we play only the notes of the arpeggio. When the backing track plays Am, I use the Am arpeggio (root, minor third, just fifth and minor seventh), when it plays G7, I use G7 arpeggio (root, major third, just fifth and minor seventh) and when you hear C major, I use C major arpeggio (root, major third, just fifth and major seventh).

    Once we play the solo, a good exercise is to change the positions and play the same in different boxes of the neck.

    I hope you like this solo!

    The sequence is IIm one bar, V7 one bar and Imaj7 two bars.

    A minor arpeggio.jpg

    G7 arpegio1.jpg

    C major.jpg

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