Ionian Improvisation

by Nick Kellie

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  • Hi again folks! This lesson we are taking a look at improvising with the Ionian mode (AKA Major scale). Notice how I also throw in some C blues for good measure at one point. Many guitarists have a tough time making this scale sound musical as it is so familiar that when played badly it can just sound like a scale. I am presenting you with some more creative ideas that will hopefully break up the sound for you a little bit.

    Please remember that this improvisation was one take and off the cuff. You need to develop confidence in order to be able to improvise convincingly. To develop this you need good vocabulary (licks and phrases) as well as a thorough knowledge of the the scale.

    The remainder of this lesson is dedicated to various licks which I will explain to you. Be sure to improvise with them and play along to the backing track.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Good luck and speak soon!

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