Learning the Modes

by David Wallimann

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  • Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian... Modes can be very confusing!
    I created this lesson to help you memorize the 7 modes taken out of a Major scale.
    In order to hear the chord they work over, I designed this exercice including the arpeggios that work over each mode.

    If practiced seriously, this lesson should definitally boost your mode knowledge and hopefully help you create interesting modal ideas.

    As a reminder, here are the seven modes followed by the type of chord/arpeggio they work over:

    Ionian : Maj 7 (Root, Maj 3rd, 5th, Maj 7th)

    Dorian : Min 7th (Root, min 3rd, 5th, min 7th)

    Phrygian : Min 7th (Root, min 3rd, 5th, min 7th)

    Lydian : Maj 7th (Root, Maj 3rd, 5th, Maj 7th)

    Mixolydian : 7th (Root, Maj 3rd, 5th, min 7th)

    Aeolian : Min 7th (Root, min 3rd, 5th, min 7th)

    Locrian : Min 7th dim 5th ((Root, min 3rd, dim 5th, min 7th)

    Hope you enjoy!
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