Legato Tapping Lesson

by Ian Bushell

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • Hay GMC!

    In this lesson we're going to take a look at two different tapping sequences and move them through different arpeggio shapes across five and six strings! There's alot of legato technique incorporated to! The piece is based around C major.

    Arpeggios used in the lesson:
    2 inversions of a C major 7 pentatonic style! (Two notes per string)
    Major 7 formula from root note: I III V VII
    C E G B

    2 inversions of a major triad (C and G).
    Major triad formula from root note: I III V and I III V
    C E G G B D

    2 inversions of an A minor triad
    Minor triad formula from root note: I bIII V
    A C E

    The whole lead piece is played as 8th note triplets. Left hand finger patterns are included in the guitar pro 5 file. All tapped notes use the right hand middle finger.

    Tempo is 215 with a half time feel in 3/4

    Practice makes perfect!
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