Luca Turilli (Rhapsody) Lesson

by Pavel Denisjuk

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  • I think it was time for me to join the "IN STYLE OF" section of GMC and here is my attempt to make a Luca Turilli style solo. Listening to Rhapsody and Luca's solo albums really got me into this kind of music and now i am working on heavily incorporating it into my playing style. If you want to hear what i am talking about - try to find and listen to the song "Sacred power Of Raging Winds" of the band Rhapsody.

    This solo is written in F# harmonic minor scale, using some flat 5ths in some places and also some phrygian major scale runs. If you need a good excercise for your alternate picking and muting - this is the right one for you. You'll also find some sweep picking here!

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