Mark Knopfler Style Lesson

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hello GMC folks,long time no see!!:)

    What to say about Mark Knopfler? One of the greatest of all times and one of my favorites for sure!!

    In this lessons I'll try to explain some licks that Mark has been playing quite often,all covered with his so unique "finger picking style". Lay your both pinky and ring fingers on the guitar body just below strings and do some popping/slapping with rest of them.

    Step in and have fun!!


    Bbsus2 | Csus2 | Dm7 | Dm7

    Bbsus2 | Csus2 | A7 | A7

    Bbsus2 Bb | Csus2 C | Dm7 | Dm7

    Bbsus2 Bb | Csus2 C | Dm7/F | Dm7/F

    Bbsus2 Bb | Csus2 C | Dm7 | Dm7

    Bdim | Bbsus2 A | D5

    D blues scale.jpg

    B minor 7 flat5.jpg

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