Pentatonic Workshop Level 1- CAGED...

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi GMC, welcome to my new Mega Series called "Pentatonic Workshop". I've tried to create a new concept of lessons based on my experience on GMC so far so I hope you like it.

    I've noticed that many users want a lesson for live practicing (in addition to backings and Guitar Pro file of course). So I've tried to make a series that would be simple but effective in increasing your overall pentatonic skills and other techniques along the way, so we can cover a wider area of our guitar playing interest.

    In each title you can see the level of the lesson and on the end of this text you can see what the lesson contains and does. The lessons will start from level 1 (aboslute beginner) and go from there. When the series are complete there will be everything for everybody, since we will go to some more advanced stuff later on. Hopefully if you go through all the lessons thoroughly, you can take your pentatonic and other skills to a much higher level.

    This lesson is a LEVEL 1 lesson and it is made for absolute beginner in pentatonic scales, so I'll try to explain the CAGED forms and how to learn them effectively. Since it is not to effective to practice only one skill at the time, I've inserted practices for different note values in this one. So we can together learn the CAGED shapes of the pentatonic scale AND learn to differentiate and play different note values along the way. These two important aspects of music are in my opinion essential if you wanna develop yourself further as a guitar player.

    This lesson contains:

    - Pentatonic CAGED shapes
    - Play along slow videos / exercises
    - Note Values and timing exercises

    The Pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale. It is very universal and especially good for beginners. Pentatonic is the basis of many types of music and also the very first thing that a Guitar Player should use in order to develop an ear for five notes and a matrix (or platform) that can be used for further, more complex music development.

    Here you can see the Cmajor scale. It is the scale with no sharps or flats. I've made the scale in intervals because it is easier and better to remember the numbers of intervals than the note values:

    a minor pentatonic.jpg
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