Power Metal Soloing Lesson 2

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Difficulty: 8
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  • Hi! This is the second part the solo. It’s isn’t necessary study the last lesson to begin this one. These are two different solos that could be play as one long solo.
    This one is a bit more difficult and also sounds like Vinnie Moore’s compositions.
    The technique that you should use in this solo is alternate picking. This means basically alternation between down and upstrokes. So this is a great lesson to warm-up and also to improve you right hand technique.

    The most interesting thing of this kind of composition is how I choose the arpeggios notes of the progression’s chords. If you compose in that way, you can hear the chord progression when you play the solo without a backing track. Learning the triads of the progression’s chords and make improvisations just with triads is a good exercise to improve this.

    Chord progression: Em – B – D –A – C – G – B – B
    Tempo: 150 BPM
    Key: Em

    See you!

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