Rock/Blues Solo in Eb Minor

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Difficulty: 5
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  • Hello GMC! Welcome to my first lesson! In this lesson there are quite a few interesting scale/mode/pentatonic choices so I suggest we get right to it.

    The key of this piece is Eb minor. That is the main key center from which I derive my modes, scales and pentatonics. Around Eb minor I am incorporating two types of harmonies - one that comes from Eb Dorian mode (Eb min7, Ab7) and another one that's classic Harmonic minor cadence/chord progression (Cbmaj 7, Bb7, Eb min7). Having said this, this solo uses Eb Dorian and Eb harmonic minor modes. This is in a way a little approach to modal harmony which we will get to in future lessons!

    Besides these scale/mode choices I am also using Eb Minor pentatonic and Eb Blues scale which almost all Rock and Blues guitar players in the world use in conjunction.

    In this lesson I tried to create a solo in style of Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and Robben Ford.

    When you finish this lesson hopefully you would have captured and mastered some of the following techniques:

    - Sliding
    - Bending
    - Pinched harmonics
    - Hammer on and pull off technique
    - Economy picking
    - Playing across your neck
    - Importance of repetition in music etc

    Equipment I used for recording my sound was: Custom built guitar (G.Papazoglou) with Pod X3 live going directly to computer.

    Hopefully you guys will like the solo and have fun learning it as much as I did creating it! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments related to this lesson.

    I look forward hearing from you all!


    eb dorian mode.jpg

    Eb blues scale.jpg

    eb minor pentatonic.jpg

    Eb Harmonic minor.jpg
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