Rocker Riff 2

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hey GMC! This is my new rocker riff lesson. This time we have an amazing Led Zeppelin style rock riff that combines E pentatonic minor scale notes with some power chords. I composed this one exclusively for this lesson but maybe it will become a nice rock song in the future. Then we have an easy solo over pentatonic minor that combines some Jimmy Page licks with Slash’s licks and warm sound.

    In this lesson we’ll talk about legato, single and double string bending, vibrato, changing the pick up in the middle of a solo and using the b5 as a right note and not as a passing note.

    Tempo: 105 BPM
    Key: E minor

    Let’s rock!

    E penta minor copia.jpg

    E penta minor2 copia.jpg
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