Steve Lukather Style Lesson

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hi folks and welcome to my lesson In Style of Luke - Steve Lukather!

    Toto is one of my favorite bands and I just needed to do this:)] What to say about Luke and his playing...? Melodic,powerful,smooth... those three words explain it the best.

    But his style isn't only in guitar parts, it is in background harmony as well. So I made a cute backing track with one key modulation. It's ballad feel and I used many different techniques, just like Luke does. He also shreds here and there but I tried to avoid that part of his playing this time. :)

    Btw,as I'm listening to this lesson, I think I'm gonna make a tune from it!!

    In Style of Luke lesson contains:
    -G Minor,Eb Major and Gm pentatonic scales.
    -Chromatic passes
    -Chords outside of Key
    -Alternate picking
    -Tapping and tapped harmonics
    -Use of Whammy bar
    -Wide left hand vibrato

    00:00 G minor pentatonic + Gm minor
    00:30 Eb major + Eb major pentatonic
    00:37 A minor pentatnoic
    00:41 G minor pentatonic

    Enjoy Luke!! :)

    Muris Varajic

    Gm Pentatonic Scale.jpg

    Eb Scale.jpg

    Gm Scale.jpg
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