by Nick Kellie

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  • Hi folks! It's great to be on-board at GMC and I really look forward to introducing you to some new and interesting things!

    This lessons focus is on chordal playing and the main challenge with this one is the large chord stretches - not for the faint hearted folks!

    Many modern fusion players such as Allan Holdsworth utilize chords which have pianistic like qualities. Remember, to play a b2 interval in a chord on a piano is easy because it is only 1 piano key away. On the guitar however, it requires quite a stretch. Always remember that stretching is something you can develop - we aren't born with a huge stretch, we must develop and practice it. Over time you will find your hands making stretches you didn't think were possible.

    Well good luck and don't hurt yourselves :)


    The following modes relate to each chord and are the exact forms I used to extract chords from. Remember scales are so much more than just single notes, they are stacks of notes and can be combined in a number of ways to create very interesting harmonies.

    D Altered Scale.jpg

    Bb Lydian b7.jpg

    G Dorian.jpg

    A Altered Scale.jpg

    D Dorian.jpg
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