Sweeping Generalisation

by Nick Kellie

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  • Hi Guys - OK time for some sweep action! We all love to play fast and what better way than sweeping! Once mastered, this technique has devastating speed effect! But beware - cutting corners will yield poor results in the long run and we only cheat ourselves in the end.

    Muting and co-ordination are key here as well as right hand control - I recommend playing this at a moderate tempo as the hardest thing about sweeping is to keep the right hand from sweeping out of time. Sweeping in time is where the control is! Remember, these are 16th note triplets and should be played as that. You only fool yourself if you try and rush things.

    No extraneous noises should be heard - make sure you mute all other strings while playing a note. Both the left hand and the right hand should cover this and I recommend recording yourself without a backing and then really scrutinize your playing, finding ways to clean up those awful, unwanted noises.

    Have fun with this and see you soon!

    F Triad.jpg

    D triad.jpg

    Bb triad.jpg

    Am triad.jpg

    E triad.jpg

    G Triad.jpg

    Ab triad.jpg
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