Zakk Wylde Style Lesson

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hello! Today I recorded a guitar solo lesson inspired in Zakk Wylde’s guitar playing. The backing track is similar Black Label Society’s and also Ozzy Osborne’s rock ballads where Zakk usually plays the piano too.

    In this lesson we’ll use some of his most used licks and techniques in this type of songs and it’s a good lesson for beginner/intermediate player that likes playing rock.

    You will also find some Slash influences in this solo. I think that it’s because they both have the same main influences: Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix
    The backing track’s key is A minor and I used A pentatonic minor to compose the solo. The tempo is 85bpm.

    I hope that you enjoy it!


    A penta minor copia.jpg

    A penta minor 2 copia.jpg
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