Zsolt Galambos - Wisdom Lesson

by Zsolt Galambos

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  • This is the solo for the song entitled "Wisdom" that I did with my band Wisdom. It is a short solo, and I've made an attempt to add some things that will catch the listeners ears.

    The little melody reflects the intro to the song, and a descending / ascending lick follows. Then I just simply followed the riff with some basic sweeps, however they are melodic in my opinion.

    The last lick differs a bit, it's in the so called "Raga Savithri" scale or the "Mixolydian Pentatonic" scale sometimes used by Marty Friedman and Jason Becker.

    N.B. The lesson is tuned down a whole step.

    Asharp Lydian.jpg

    C Mixolydian.jpg

    G Dorian.jpg

    A Phrigian Dominant.jpg


    D Raga Savethri(MixolydPentatonic) copy.jpg

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