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Golden Oldies

  • Justin King Style 2

    by Ramiro Delforte

    Further illustrations of this fresh acoustic style.

    Tags: percussive guitar, Legato, Slide, Two hand tapping, Slap, Tapped harmonics, Percussive techniques, D minor, strumming, rasgueo
  • Canon Rag

    by Dejan Farkas

    Ragtime is a musical genre that was mostly in use at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, and it was the first real American music genre. It has a predominant bass and chords patterns on odd and even beats and a syncopated melody.

    Tags: ragtime, D major, drop D, dropped D tuning, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, chord patterns, odd, even beats, syncopated melody, american music genre, Scott Joplin
  • Percussive Guitar - Erik Mongrain Style

    by Ramiro Delforte

    An unusual way to play the guitar. Contains slap and tapping.

    Tags: G Major, tapping, slapping, acoustic, Justin King, Randy Collins, Andreas Kapsalis, Andy McKee, Kaki King, Bob Kilgore, Chael Garfield
  • Around the World - Kenia, Soukous Style

    by Sinisa Cekic

    African style, based on a traditional and popular dance.

    Tags: traditional, style, acoustic, C Major, I IV V, chord progression, picking, triads, dance, world music, strumming, chords, congo music
  • Irish Picking

    by Lian Gerbino

    In this lesson you are going to learn how to play a melodic Jig line with some Banjo tricks.

    Tags: Irish, Picking, Jig, Celtic, Acoustic, 2 String Sweep, Jig style, Alternate Picking, D Major, banjo, sweep picking, folk, melody
  • Greensleeves Lesson

    by Dejan Farkas

    This time we go back to the Renaissance period in the 16th century, and this romanesca (song form composed of four chords with a simple, repeating bass) is the most popular one from that period. It is widely believed, but unproven, that it was composed by King Henry VIII for his lover and queen consort Anne Boleyn.

    Tags: Renaissance, Baroque, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, chords, chord melody, nylon strings, Spanish guitar, arrangement, classical piece, classical arrangement, conservatory, admission exam, A Minor, A Dorian
  • Evening Bells

    by Dejan Farkas

    An old Russian traditional song, called 'Evening Bells'. I chose it since it has a beautiful and simple melody line in bass, and it's suitable for beginners.

    Tags: Russian, C Major, chords, thumb, fingerstyle, nylon strings guitar, counterpoint, classical, Spanish guitar, chords, arpeggios, simple melody
  • Zamba

    by Gerardo Siere

    Traditional style from San Juan, Argentina.

    Tags: fingerstyle, A minor, melody, nylon strings guitar, folk, Traditional, easy, folklore, 12/8, northern, argentina, argentinian dance, dance
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