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Your strength as a musician is not only determined by your guitar skills - but also by your understanding for all the components of the mix: In the studio or on stage, you will benefit from being able to contribute with backing vocals, or just have general understanding for what the drummer is doing (etc). This knowledge can be acquired in the Misc section.


  • Introductory Lesson

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Basic musical concepts and tips before diving into the Songwriting course.

    Tags: notes, scales, intervals, chords, triads, what is a, theory, theory guide, tips, arranging course, arrangement, concepts, songwriting
  • 20 Tone Tips

    by Darius Wave

    "Must know" tips for creating your own, perfect tone.

    Tags: tone tips, perfect tips, vst tone, tweaking and amp, miking cab, reaper, ableton, cubase, lextac, sm57, room acoustics, studio monitors, guitar pick, guitar cable, buzz, clipping, metal tone, palm muting, double tracking, tone & gear
  • 20 Quick Tips

    by Darius Wave

    A package of tips that might seem obvious for professionals, but not for beginners.

    Tags: beginner, bending, tapping, right hand mechanics, speed playing, vibrato, tremolo, unwanted noise, pick grip, string skipping, broken strings, practice, guitar picks, raking, guitar storing, guitar tips, guitar secrets, how to
  • Time Keeping Workshop

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Develop your sense of time and time keeping skills.

    Tags: time keeping, metronome, groove, rhythm, E major, exercises, bass lesson, count beats, beat, playing in time, timing control, bass playing development
  • Bass First Steps: Plucking

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Let's put the spot light on our plucking technique and cover some new approaches!

    Tags: plucking, double stops, alternate fingerpicking, string crossing, muting, positioning, finger alternating, bass technique, learning to play bass, bass basics, anchoring
  • Ben vs Gabriel

    by GMC Community

    Instructor plays instructor : Ben Higgins and Gabriel Leopardi

    Tags: Ben Higgins, Gabriel Leopardi, Instructor Plays Instructor
  • Scalar Approach

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to connect scales and chords to improvise walking bass lines using 7 notes.

    Tags: scalar approach, 7 notes, walking bass, improvisation, A mixolydian, mixolydian mode, fingerstyle, bass lines, bass phrasing, A blues, 12 bars blues, dominant 7, minor 7, scales
  • Back To Basics 4 - Drumset Tuning

    by Stole

    Take control over your drum set's tuning!

    Tags: tuning, drum lesson, percussion, pitch
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