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Golden Oldies

  • Malaguena

    by Dejan Farkas

    Malaguena, or Spanish dance, is named after the town of Malaga in south of Spain. It is in triple meter and similar to fandango.

    Tags: spanish dance, apoyando, tremolo, chords, fingerstyle, nylon strings guitar, E Major, fandango, flamenco, thumb, chord melody
  • The Beatles: Yesterday

    by Gerardo Siere

    Classic song by The Beatles for the album Help!

    Tags: Help!, fingerstyle, chord melody, classic hit, chord shapes, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, ballad, nylon strings guitar
  • Spanish Romance

    by Kosei Kubota

    Welcome to GMC's new classical guitar lessons. For the first lesson, Kosei will teach the first half of "Spanish Romance", a famous movie theme from the French cinema called "Forbidden Game".

    Tags: fingerstyle, nylon strings, arpeggio, chord melody, right hand practice, etude, workout, classical piece, classical arrangement, Spanish guitar, conservatory, E minor, Bare chords
  • Raindrops Lesson

    by Dejan Farkas

    Raindrops falling from the roof and it inspired me to write this piece. It may help you to learn and improve finger picking, keep it fluent and accent the melody.

    Tags: G Major, fingerstyle, chords, chord melody, classical piece, arrangement, etude, arpeggios, Spanish guitar
  • Evening Bells

    by Dejan Farkas

    An old Russian traditional song, called 'Evening Bells'. I chose it since it has a beautiful and simple melody line in bass, and it's suitable for beginners.

    Tags: Russian, C Major, chords, thumb, fingerstyle, nylon strings guitar, counterpoint, classical, Spanish guitar, chords, arpeggios, simple melody
  • Estilo 1 (Lead)

    by Gerardo Siere

    Short Montuno pice, lead is played by guitar.

    Tags: Montuno, latin, afro-cuban, D minor, fingerpicking, fingerstyle, brazil, bossa, lead guitar, nylon strings, melody
  • Flamenco First Pieces: Solea

    by Sergio Dorado

    If you've decided finally to learn flamenco guitar this piece must be your first step. Learn some variations of the toque of Solea and introduce you in concepts such as thumb, golpe, cierre, etc.

    Tags: Thumb, thumb-index, golpe, tap, E Phrygian, chords, fingerstyle, rhythm, flamenco groove, arpeggios, nylon guitar, cierro, flamenco techniques
  • Acoustic Solo C Major

    by Lian Gerbino

    Crete super soft solos by playing a simple scale. The magic will come from the beautiful acoustic guitar sound.

    Tags: simple melodies, drop D tuning, C major, melodic, picking. alternate picking, acoustic ballad, tasty, major melody, ballad
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