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When you have got Rock 'n Roll in your heart, but you fingers won't cooperate - start here!


  • Add Melodies to Chords

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Add melodies to chords and take your guitar arrangements to the next level!

    Tags: arrangement, chord melodies, arpeggiated chords, chords, rhythm, fingerpicking, C Major, songwriting, arranging, tutorial, how to
  • How To Harmonize A Melody

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Learn how to harmonize melodies in diatonic thirds.

    Tags: harmonization, arranging, third, intervals, theory, E minor, arrangement, songwriting, how to arrange a song
  • Acoustic Strumming #2

    by Darius Wave

    Strumming and chord fretting basics!

    Tags: Strumming, Finger picking, Beginner, Acoustic guitar, Chords, fretting, E minor
  • Acoustic Strumming #1

    by Darius Wave

    Strumming and chord fretting basics - aimed at absolute beginners.

    Tags: Strumming, Finger picking, Beginner, Acoustic guitar, Chords, fretting
  • Post Malone Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Covers the style of the American rapper Post Malone.

    Tags: Post Malone, Trap, Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, Grunge, Guitar arrangement, Pop, Double Stop, Thirds, Modern Pop, Chord tones, Arrangement, Composition, G minor
  • Beginner Jam

    by Kristofer Dahl

    Start jamming from day #1

    Tags: sliding, dynamics, picking strength, melody, jam, improv, beginner, E Major
  • Black Pistol Fire

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Powerful indie blues rock with influences by Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Nirvana, Buddy Holly and Muddy Waters

    Tags: Black Pistol Fire, BPF, Cage the elephant, Arctic Monkeys, G minor, Garage Punk, Southern Rock, Blues Rock, powerchords, riffing, triads
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Inspired by their compositions and guitar arrangements.

    Tags: Catfish and the bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Indie Rock, Brit Rock, Brit Pop, Power chords, Guitar arrangements, diads, triads, garage rock, E minor, double stops
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Golden Oldies

  • Melodic Solo in Gm

    by Carlos Carrillo

    A sweet melody lesson full of feeling and skills as ligatures, alternate picking, vibrato, slides and palm muting.

    Tags: melody, G minor, minor key, alternate picking, G aeolian, alternate picking, vibrato, slides, palm muting, inspiring, feeling
  • John Frusciante Style Lesson

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    I think that he chooses the best notes at every moment. He has not a incredible technique but he creates beautiful melodies in every solo, and for me, this is the most important thing. I don't care if you play millions of notes in a second or one note, I just want to hear beautiful music.

    Tags: melodies, RHCP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, bending, bends, phrasing, chord tones, following the chords, melodic solo, less is more, alternative rock, california, californication, clean tone, clean guitar solo
  • Los Ramones

    by Adrian Figallo

    We will be playing hard, mean and fast, this is the Johnny Ramone school.

    Tags: E major, johnny ramone, joey ramone, dee dee ramone, power chords, strumming, easy, punk rock, hard, only downstrokes, punky, classic punk, power chords shifting, comping
  • Jumping Around - Beginner

    by Muris Varajic

    Phrasing in key of Am while jumping around the fretboard, Beginner level.

    Tags: A minor, learning the fretboard, moving licks, melodic, fretboard knowledge, theory applied, motif, picking, phrases, improvisation, vibrato
  • Beginner - Strumming and Arpeggios

    by Muris Varajic

    Simple use of most common chords like Am, C, G, Dm etc. Techniques involved are strumming and arpeggiato, ideal start for any beginner.

    Tags: Chords, D minor, A minor, comping, chord progression, arpeggiated chords, arrangement, arranging, changing chords, open chords, economy picking
  • Bend And Slide Exercises For Beginners

    by Laszlo Boross

    Bend and slide basics for beginners

    Tags: Ballad solo, D minor, articulation, feeling, phrasing, soloing, lead techniques, Bends, Slides, Beginner lesson, vibrato, bending
  • Slow Melody Lesson

    by David Wallimann

    Here is a melodic piece. It's important not to get carried away with technique and forget that music is about conveying a message. Melody is the main focus here. I tried to create a lead that would flow easily to the listener's ear. When trying to build something melodic, a good idea is to sing a melody on top of the chord progression you're working on and reproduce it on the instrument. That's usually how you can come up with new ideas.

    Tags: E Major, D Major, G Lydian, slow solo, easy solo, joe satriani, Andy timmons, articulation, melodic solo, building melodies, instrumental rock, bending, bends, melodic
  • Guitar Loves Piano #2

    by Piotr Kaczor

    Guitar & piano adventures - part II

    Tags: piano ballad, vibrato, bending, harmonics, G minor, John Petrucci, Melodic, phrasing, bends, dynamics, tasty, melodic soloing, melodies, timing
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