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  • Hybrid Picking Classic Country

    by Chris Shofner

    Classic picking technique suitable in all genres.

    Tags: ballad, everybody hurts, F major, hybrid picking, arpeggios, economy picking, classic country
  • Classical Country

    by Chris Shofner

    A slow melodic country solo on a nylon string guitar.

    Tags: classical, nylon, Willie Nelson, trigger, double stops, melodic, E Major, E Major Pentatonic, thirds, picking, alternate picking, B Major Pentatonic, tremolo picking
  • Learn The Minor Pentatonic Scale

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to play the minor pentatonic scale.

    Tags: scales for beginners, minor pentatonic scale, A minor pentatonic, first scale, which scale should I learn, how to play minor pentatonic
  • Boogie Blues

    by Fabian Ratsak

    Basic Boogie Rhythm Blues Guitar in E.

    Tags: E Blues, Pentatonic, rhythm guitar, beginner, 12 bars blues, riff, chords, Boogie Pattern, Blues form, Picking Hand, Alternate Picking, Basic Blues Rhythm
  • 9th Blues Fingerstyle

    by Fabian Ratsak

    Fingerstyle 12 bar blues rhythm using 9th chords.

    Tags: A Blues, Fingerstyle, 9th chords, picking, turnaround, 12 bar, Blues form, Right hand picking, Playing bass and melody, Basic blues rhythm, Extended chord voicing, comping, chords
  • Quick Change Blues

    by Fabian Ratsak

    Quick Change Blues lesson teaching basic rhythm blues guitar in A.

    Tags: A blues, double stops, hammer-on, 12 bar blues, finger rolling, Blues Form, Quick Change Blues, Hammer-on technique, Basic blues rhythm, pentatonic major, dominant, blues groove
  • Easy Fingerstyle Blues

    by Fabian Ratsak

    This lesson is teaching basic blues form and techniques using fingerstyle playing on the electric guitar.

    Tags: E blues, 12 bar blues, fingerstyle, Blues form, Right hand picking, bass and melody, basic blues rhythm, shuffle blues, double stops, groove, dominant, 7th chords
  • Fingerstyle Blues Patterns

    by Nicola Mandorino

    Learn 4 fingerstyle acoustic blues patterns essential for finger independence development.

    Tags: fingerpicking, Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed, Merle Travis, Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Will Mc Tell, Charlie Patton, Elizabeth Cotten, E Blues, E Mixolydian, chord melody
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